Wednesday, July 20, 2011

#23: truth.

Dear Future Andy,

You're big on honesty. Sometimes it feels like you've been exposed to so little of it, and its relative scarcity (or your perception of its relative scarcity) has increased its value. That's good. Don't change that.

You've written things that have hurt people. Sometimes you didn't mean to, but sometimes you decidedly, unequivocally did. And that's okay, I guess; it's certainly not ideal, but it wasn't ever anything but true.

So where does that leave us, then? I'll tell you and leave a brief reminder of something very, very important:

The truth can change. It should change. It means you've gotten more information. And more information will always bring you closer to the truth. So never stop getting more information and never stop searching and never say anything that isn't true and always say something that is. Learn to keep the world on the tip of your tongue. If you've gotta get something out, then goddamn it, let it rip. Don't you dare keep quiet.

Maybe you'll figure it out. But until then, stay hungry for it.


Past Andy.

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  1. Wow... this blog is inspirational! I'm with you, facing what appears to be the same mountain.